Our Approach

Eo Data Center is the first North African neutral digital infrastructure.

The project was designed both as a neutral point of exchange as well as a safe and secure site to host IT infrastructure either on a production or back-up modes. It lays the foundation of the Digital Tunisia


Eo Data Center leverages on the geographical position of Tunisia, both at the heart of the Mediterranean and at the north tip of Africa, to become the Euro-Mediterranean and African data exchange hub.

Eo Data Centre offers a broad range of housing solutions to  the Economic players regardless  of their sector of activity neither their IT infrastructure organisation mode.Reliability, security and flexibility are the pillars to accommodate   production or backup sites.

Project key success factors includes (i) the design compliant with the best international standards (ii) the mobilization of talented resources as well as (iii) the investment in state of the art equipment.

Eo Data Center falls within Tunisia's offshoring strategy, as well as the latest changes in the regulations  related to the management of operational risks, including the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).


This project supports the various business models for companies IT architecture specifically with the Cloud development with its different models (IAAS, Paas, SaaS, etc.)

Meninx Technologies, the digital investment vehicle of Meninx Holding, has carried out the project.