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  • Unité de Rack

    U (for unit) is a unit of measurement used to describe the height of a computer server.  1 U corresponds to 1 ¾ inch, that is 44.45 millimetres.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used to protect the electrical appliances from power cuts, using a battery to produce a voltage when the electrical network is out of order.


  • Tiers III +

    The classification of data centres is organized into Tiers. Tier III corresponds to the data centres consisting of several electrical circuits for energy and for the distribution of cooling. All components are redundant and offer a rate of availability of 99.982 %.

  • TCO

    Total cost of ownership is the sum of expenditure in initial capital (CAPEX) added to long term continuous operational expenses (OPEX) ; overall cost of ownership. A data center being a major consumer of energy, the cost of electricity is a critical variable of the TCO. TCO = CAPEX + OPEX


  • Software

    Software are the computer programs stored in the memory of the computer, they determine the tasks that can be executed by the machine. By opposition to hardware, software constitutes the virtual part of a computer.

  • SAAS

    Software as a service; Allows the end user to access via an interface, the enterprise applications, hosted in a secure environment.  It is the final layer of the Cloud.


  • Clean Room

    A clean room is a room where the particulate concentration is controlled in order to minimize the introduction of particles inside the room. Parameters such as temperature, humidity and the relative pressure, are also maintained at a specific level. This type of environment is necessary in some industrial sectors or for scientific research


    Capital Expenditure; costs of parts that are not consumable.

    The CAPEX refers to the cost of development or provision of parts that are not consumable for the product or the system;

  • Air Conditioning FreeCooling

    This involves the direct use of the outside air to cool premises, if the premises' temperature is lower than the air inside and

    that the regulation requires cold air.

  • Access Control Biometric

    A measurement system based on the recognition of the specific characteristics of an individual.

    Ex: Fingerprint Recognition

  • Cloud

    Refers to the use of the remote server to process or store computer data.

    (These servers are allocated upon request on a pay per use basis, quite often by period of use according to technical criteria but also at a fixed price.)


  • Redondance en N+1

     The N+1 redundancy is a term used in computing to describe a system involving a number of equipment (N) plus an additional equipment (+1) and whose mission is to enable the whole set to continue to provide a quasi-nominal service in the case of the loss of one of the original N equipment.

  • Rack

    A storage array is the equipment which allows you to keep the computer servers distributed by drawer.  The arrays can be of different sizes, those of EO Datacenter can contain up to 42 servers.


  • PUE

    Power Usage Effectiveness"; the indicator of energy efficiency is used to describe the energy efficiency of a processing centre.  This is one of the elements of green IT


  • Plug and Play

    A procedure allowing the newer peripherals to be recognized quickly and automatically by the operating system as soon as the hardware is connected.

  • PAAS

    Platform as a service; is the dematerialisation of hardware (servers) and of middleware, it must offer an environment conducive to the development of applications.


  • BRP

    The business recovery Plan defines the technical and human resources that will be implemented in order to continue the activity of a business. , this recovery plan implies that there has been an interruption of service. This period of interruption is predefined, it is "the maximum allowable interruption duration".

  • BCP

    The business continuity plan allows the company to continue to satisfy its customers even in case of an accident.  At no moment will the activity of the company be interrupted.

  • Backbones

    (Literal Translation: in French: Epine Dorsale) is a computer network that is part of higher-speed long distance internet


  • Back up

    This is the operation which involves duplicating and ensuring the safety of the data contained in a computer



  • Outsourcing

    Is to transfer all or part of a department of the company which is not part of its core business. These activities deemed non-essential are outsourced to other companies which specialize in these activities.

  • OPEX

    ( Operating Expenses ) operating expenses; these are the operating expenses of a business which includes all consumables.


  • Monitoring

    This is the operation which consists in meticulously monitoring the operation of a system, a real-time process

  • MTG

    Federated technical management  ; the automation of the whole system involves to give users a single view of the data present on several different systems: hot cold, ventilation, security ...


  • IXP

    Internet eXchange Point , also called Global Internet Exchange (or GIX), is a physical infrastructure that allowsDifferent Internet service providers (or  ISP), to exchange Internet traffic between their networks of autonomous systems thanks to mutual agreements known as "peering".   

  • IT

    Information technology is the field of activity which encompasses any computer technologies such as networks, hardware, software and the internet.

  • IAAS

    Infrastructure as a service ; virtualization of the computing infrastructure (Hardware) and capable to meet the requirements of commissioning the applications of the client (businesses).


  • Housing

    The hosted machines belong to the client and not to the hosting company.

  • Hosting

    An entity which puts at the disposal of internet users virtual servers, or virtual space, to host web sites, applications, or other, designed and managed by third parties.

  • Hardware

    (Computer hardware) it is the collection of parts that constitutes a computer system.  This term also encompasses both the parts located inside and outside of the computer (the peripherals such as the printer, mouse etc. ). 

  • Hand and Eye

    A service that makes available to the client a professional technician who can take action quickly to repair the equipment in case of anomaly. Can be reached by phone 24h/7.


  • Green IT

    Green IT or green computing aims to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the Information Systems of all enterpriseswhile allowing them to achieve savings


  • Data centre Neutre

    A Data neutral centre is the property of no operator, it allows its customers to choose among all the operators of the country.

  • Datacenter

    A physical site which offers all the adequate infrastructure to host computer servers, it can be internal or external to the company.


  • ANSI/TIA en

    TIA: Telecommunication Industry Association .

    The TIA 942 is an American national standard which specifies the minimum requirements necessary for the construction of an

    Infrastructure dedicated to the hosting of computer servers that it is private or multi-tenancy.